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 For the lovers of all things feminine, angelic, whimsical, glamorous, enchanting, ethereal, psychedelic, joyful, magical, messy, avant-garde, uncivilized, non-ordinary, real, rebellious, rude, lewd & raunchy. I cum in peace. Welcome to the home of your favorite NYC redhead. Model. Muse. Film Shooter. Artist. Hedonist. 



Yellow Roses
Premium Mary Jane

French Champagne
Italian Prosecco
Spanish Cava
Pinot Grigio 
Sauvignon Blanc
Dry Gin

Coyote RI, SWOP Behind Bars, SWOP Brooklyn, SWOP BRONX,  St. James Infirmary, Red Light Legal, Planned Parenthood & NYDecrim

In 2022 I want to take time to smell the roses & find gratitude in the little things. I hope for more couple massages. Hot baths as aftercare. Books read aloud to me with love. Meal-preparation together, hiking, picnics & museum days. Exploring my own city with familiar + new friends. Finding new distance marvels. Less getting lost on Instagram & more lost in my new lovers eyes. More romanticizing the mundane, more playing with drama & passion. Embracing whimsical. Not letting my candle of hope stop burning bright. Looking inward to nurture myself. Returning to nature. Falling in love with the world around me. Falling in love with living. Enjoying more grace. Loving big and then even bigger. Competing only with myself. Using laughter as medicine. Working on my flexibility both in the physical but the emotional. Dedications to my practices. Reading more books. Writing more poems. Shooting more film photos. Using my spirituality for liberation of my community. Making art that tells stories. Channeling the courage of conversation. More letting my bravery light the way. Learning from unlikely characters. Eating the fruits of my labors. Conversing casually with higher powers. More being of devotion & service to others. Telling my truths and then GOING HOME.Traveling to higher worlds. Reaching alchemy. Trusting my intuition. Trusting my purpose. High consciousness. Higher worlds. Noticing all the patterns. Mindful presence. Grounding. Less theorizing philosophy & more materializing a better person-hood. Petting more dogs. Exploring new places. Growing into all my capacity. Collecting formative experiences. 


Travel Wish List 
Domestic: *I'm happy to fly coach or business class for domestic flights. I also love the train for northeastern travel. 

Palm Springs, New Orleans

Portland & Seattle.


International Travel: *Depending on the destination I require at minimum, business coach & I prefer first class; thank you for understanding this helps minimize jet lag/fatigue upon arrival. 


Canada: Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto 

Mexico: Mexico City & Tulum

Asia: Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand

South America: Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Argentina