Book Me to Shoot You on Film

Film Packages:


/63 images total

2 Polaroid 500's (16 images) 

1 Pack Polaroid Mini (10 images)

1 Roll of Disposable Film (27 images) 

1 Pack Instax Square (10 images) 


/91 images total

3 Polaroid 500's (24 images) 

2 Pack Polaroid Mini (20 images) 

1 Roll of Disposable Film (27 images)

2 Pack Instax Square (20 images) 


/142 images total

4 Polaroid 500's (32 images)

4 Pack Polaroid Mini (40 images)
2 Roll 35mm or Disposable Camera (54 images)

2 Pack Instax Square (20 images) 


BTS/promo will also be sent to you before our shoot wraps. After the shoot You will be sent a drive invite with all high resolution scans. I will color correct them for you as well. Currently I outsource the processing of my 35mm + disposable cameras. I would love to one day have the equipment to do it myself but that isn't an investment I can make quite yet! Please note I do NOT have a hard hand in editing but I will touch up small blemishes, scars, bruising, etc if requested. Last, You will be mailed all film photos at cost to you. Thank you for understanding. 

Additional Fees/Extras: 

$100 Deposit to Book

Add $100 per Additional Model 

Add $150 for Additional Location Changes

Add $50 for Tardiness (more than 45 minutes late)

Add $50 2nd Reschedule

Add $10 For Shipping Your Film Photos to You

Add $100 For RUSHED turn around

Add $50 per hour for Location Rental


As my schedule and budget allows I will offer Film Cost Only 

/Sliding Scale Shoots to those folks in need. 

Due to the outsourcing of Film Development for 35 mm or disposable cameras the turn around is 3-4 weeks! The turn around for scanning & sending Instant Film is 1-2 weeks. Thank you for your patience. I appreciate your trust and patronage! You may pay an additional fee to expedite your photo processing. 



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